Maison Kannavis:

The House of Cannabis

We are Maison Kannavis, an innovative lifestyle company dedicated to pushing the limits of the cannabis industry and setting a new standard for quality.

People and our Planet Over Profits

Every step of the way, we move with a socially ethical and environmentally conscious approach with your wellness being our priority. It is our mission to make beneficial products that touch many aspects of our lives while leaving a legacy of sustainability, activism, and education for generations to come.

Carrying a Legacy

Cannabis has been cultivated and used to make a variety of goods within the Maison Kannavis family for many generations, and by people around the world for millennia. A love for this plant, and an appreciation of its benefits, has been instilled in us from a young age so we are honored to inherit this legacy and play a part in preserving this ancient tradition while pushing the industry forward. Over the years, our passion for, and experience with this miracle of a plant has only grown, as we researched, learned, and consumed all of the hemp products we could get our hands on. Now, we want to utilize our experience to benefit people all over the world .

Natural, Safe, and Effective

At Maison Kannavis, we care about what you put in your body and want you to feel 100% safe about using our products. That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standards and leave nothing to chance. We carefully choose where to grow our plants based on soil composition, surrounding fields, and harvest yields from previous years while completely abstaining from the use of chemical pesticides.

Details Matter

From the time our seeds are planted until harvest, our BIO-certified fields are checked daily, and plants grown with care by experts with decades of experience. We then put our plants and oils through strict quality control and third party laboratory testing to make sure that they are safe for use and free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and other toxins. We also work together with local authorities to make sure that we are fully compliant with European Union laws and regulations.

Third-Party Lab Tested

%100 Natural and Organic


GMP Certified

Vertical Integration: From seed to bottle

Loyalty and Rewards Program

Pharmaceutical Grade Extraction