CBD Wholesale and Partnership Opportunities

Interested in selling our products? At Maison Kannavis, all of our products are available for wholesale, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping, whether that be for your physical store or e-commerce website.

Wholesale & B2B Opportunities

All Maison Kannavis products sold on our website are also available for wholesale at discounted rates for those interested in reselling our products at excellent margins. In addition, we offer purified CBD oil with a variety of carrier oils and hand-trimmed CBD bud for sale in bulk all over Europe.

Affiliate Marketing

Have a large audience or know many people that you think can benefit from CBD products? Join Maison Kannavis in the rapidly growing CBD industry by marketing our products to your family, friends, and followers on social media. See below for a description of our competitive affiliate marketing program.


If you are interested in selling our products online for a commission, we can offer dropshipping services to the end customer.

White Labeling

For those interested in starting their own CBD brand, we also sell our finished products wholesale without our signature branding.

Interested in purchasing Maison Kannavis products in bulk and reselling them?

Whether you have a permanent location, work as a temporary vendor (ex. festivals, farmers markets), or run an ecommerce website, contact us for discounted wholesale prices so that you can resell our products in your own business for excellent profit margins. For larger orders, we can customize the language of our packages and labels for you.

CBD Wholesale Europe UK

Looking for large quantities of purified CBD oil or CBD bud/flower?

For other businesses already in the CBD industry or those that are looking to just get started, whether large or small, we also have purified CBD oil by the liter and hand trimmed CBD bud available for purchase B2B.

CBD Flower Wholesale Europe, CBD Oil Wholesale Europe

Want to start your own CBD brand?

If you are wondering how you can start your own CBD brand, we are here to help you!
We can provide you with finished products, just like the ones we sell, without our branding and labels. This is called ‘white labeling’ or ‘private labeling’.

CBD Private Label Europe, CBD White label Europe

Why Partner with Maison Kannavis as an Affiliate Marketer?


If you’re interested in Affiliate Marketing, Maison Kannavis offers you a competitive starting commission rate that increases as your sales numbers improve.


We also offer bonus cash incentives for high performing affiliates who hit certain sales targets and goals


We offer various types of banners and customizable discount codes to help boost your conversion rate. You win, we win, we all win!

It’s Free

There is no investment needed on your part because it’s free to start!





The application will be quickly reviewed by our team


Share your affiliate link and start earning commision


Make money!

Drop Shipping

Good Value and Low Investment

If you’re interested in drop shipping, Maison Kannavis offers you a competitive starting commission rate that can increase quickly as your sales numbers increase.


Along with not needing to buy your own inventory or managing your own warehouse, you won’t have to worry about quantity because we can scale up and supply you with your increasing demands.

The Time is Now

The CBD business is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it is just getting started in Europe; now is the best time to get into the business while it’s still young. Many companies will soon flood the market and competition will be much higher.


High-End premium full spectrum hemp oil products that offer benefits that are in high demand and rising. Almost anyone, regardless of age, can feel a difference from using our products.

How does Maison Kannavis Drop Shipping Work?


You sign a dropshipping contract with Maison Kannavis


You have or start a ecommerce website where you want to list our product


A customer places an order off your website, then the order is either sent automatically to our warehouse team through an API or you can manually place an order to us.


We take care of the rest!

Apply Now — Join Maison Kannavis’s Drop Shipping Program

For all cooperative and wholesale inquiries, please contact us so that we can talk directly and work out a personalized solution for you.

contact us at info@maisonkannavis.com