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Is growing cbd outdoors better?

At Maison Kannavis, our priority is to supply both businesses and consumers alike with natural, safe, and effective high CBD & CBG hemp biomass, bud, and extracts. We prefer to grow our hemp outdoors in the fertile valleys of Greece with only natural lighting from the Aegean sun for 3 main reasons

  1. High Quality
  2. Environmentally Friendly
  3. Lower Costs

Outdoor CBD flower is high quality and more natural

Cannabis has evolved over millions of years to thrive and grow with natural sunlight as one of its primary energy sources (along with the soil), so while artificial lighting can attempt to replicate the full-spectrum lighting of the sun for indoor grows, they cannot completely replace natural sunlight.

During different stages of its growth, the cannabis plant requires different types of chlorophyll in order to thrive. Chlorophyll is a compound that helps plants convert light into energy that stimulates growth. This energy allows plants to absorb water, nutrients, and carbon dioxide from the environment, which is necessary for proper root, foliage, and bud growth. Sunlight contains the full spectrum of light wavelengths that are necessary for the production of all types of chlorophyll. In particular, blue wavelengths are necessary for foliage growth during the vegetative stage, while red wavelengths are necessary for bud production during the flowering stage. If a plant does not receive enough light, it may become stressed and show negative physical signs, such as yellowing leaves or slowed foliage and bud growth.

Outdoor growing also allows for a larger yield, as our plants have more space to grow and can reach their full natural potential

Outdoor hemp is more environmentally friendly

Furthermore, outdoor growing is more environmentally friendly than indoor growing for several reasons. Firstly, unlike indoor grows, outdoor grows do not require the use of energy-intensive lighting, ventilation, and heating systems. Therefore, outdoor cultivation can reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with indoor cultivation. This makes the use of natural sunlight more energy-efficient than artificial lighting, which reduces the carbon footprint of a grow.

Second, outdoor cultivation allows plants to grow in their natural environment, which can be more sustainable than artificially creating the conditions necessary for plant growth indoors. Third, outdoor cultivation allows plants to access natural sources of light and nutrients, such as sunlight and soil, which can be more sustainable than using artificial light sources and nutrient solutions. This is especially the case when producers (such as Greek CBD) use only organic farming practices in their cannabis production.


Because energy-intensive lighting and ventilation system are not necessary for outdoor growing, outdoor cbd flower is much more cost effective. In a post-pandemic world suffering from high inflation and energy costs, the costs of indoor growing have sky rocketed. Meanwhile, the cost of outdoor cbd flower production has remained relatively stable.

In addition, the lack of any space constraints means that we can both grow far more plants and that our plants can grow up to 2 m meters tall. The lower costs of production combined with the far larger yield potential results in far lower prices than indoor CBD flower.


In conclusion, outdoor grown hemp is a more cost-effective, higher quality, and environmentally friendly option compared to indoor grown hemp. The natural sunlight and environment of the outdoors allows for the hemp plants to grow strong and healthy, resulting in a better quality product. Additionally, the use of natural resources and the elimination of artificial lighting and climate control systems can reduce production costs and minimize the carbon footprint. Overall, outdoor grown hemp is a sustainable and economically viable choice for hemp cultivation.